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The complete evaluation system consists of Weekly Assessments, held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Besides, there would be Three Unit / Term Tests. Oral test(s) for the Primary Section (std I to V) will be held during the Unit / Term Test(s); Middle Section (std VI & VII) will have Project(s) / Assignment(s) for the Unit / Term Test(s). The distribution of mark(s) for the Oral / Project / Assignment will be at the discretion of the concerned Subject Teacher.

The vocation subjects like Games, Music, Dance, Yoga, Art / Craft etc will be assessed during the Unit Test(s) only. The entire syllabus for will be covered / completed in three terms. Detailed syllabus will be given by the concerned Subject Teacher, generally 07 to 10 days prior to the test. During the conduct of Test(s) / Exam(s), if a child is found to be indulging an any type of unfair means, strict disciplinary action will be taken and necessary marks will be deducted. The content coverage is based on the number of academic days.

In General, The Coverage Would Be As:

I Term - 30% [Apr-Aug]

II Term - 30% [Sept-Dec]

III Term - 40% [Jan - Mar]

Attendance Policy: A student is eligible for the Final Test only with 75% of attendance in the academic year. No re-test, under any circumstance, will be conducted if a student is absent during Test(s) / Assessment(s). However, if a student is absent for valid Medical reason(s), overall performance will be evaluated based on the previous performance(s). Absence, other than genuine medical reason, the student will be evaluated based on the average of the previous Assessments / Tests.

Grading System: A+ (90% to 100% marks); A (80% to 89% marks); B+ (70% to 79% marks)

B (60% to 69% marks); C (50% to 59% marks); D (40% to 49% marks) & E (Below 40% marks)


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