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Brightway Security and Placement Services delivers encompassing Security Solutions meeting the Unique Standards. The Company draws its strength from a highly motivated and vastly experienced pooh of talent.
In addition the facilities management of BSPS provides  professional manpower ­like office assistant, Sales personnel, well trained courteous drivers with good physical bearing & uniform, peons, cleaners, gardeners, cooks, housemaids, liftmen, pantry assistant and courier boys.
"Service Quality, Grant Satisfaction & Employee Welfare" to be the 3 most important drivers are our guiding principal.

CONSULTANT. Col.  J. S. Mand, is the consultant of B.S.P.S Security Services. During 28 years of active services of army. He participated in the 1965 and 1971 1ndo Pak War. He is having vast experience in Security as well as House Keeping.


  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Consistency

Done through direct advertisement, stringent physical, Education and mental standards through verification of antecedents.

20 days intensive training programme to Include classroom and field training.
100 hours of classroom training.
60 hours of field training.
Familiarization with company sites, personnel, information Duties at posts, frisking, search procedures, entry/exit procedures.
Conduct towards customers, visitor, venders, VIPs, Employees, house keeping staff, access control system, courtesy and salutations etc.
Documentation at various posts
Duty in parallel — day and night shifts, VIP/clients visit procedure.
Written test & Induction
Based on performances in the test and suitability the successful candidates are placed appropriately.

This division secures cash and valuables in transit for banks, ATM Centres, financial institutions, Jewellers, Tshopping malls, petrol pumps and several industries manufacturing valuable products or using valuable raw materials.

The Investigations Division of B.S.P.S. provides specialized services for all kinds of corporate as well as personal investigations, executed with complete confidently. It also supports organizations against copyright infringements and for intellectual property rights enforcement.

B.S.P.S. is a single window resource center for offering house keeping, maintenance and valet parking services to Commercial, Industrial and residential complexes.
In  today's  fast paced environment plagued with time constraints there is an increased demand for high quality House Keeping & Maintenance service.
Taking a step away from the "Man Friday" approach to House-Keeping, B.S.P.S. delivers highly specialized services, assuring its' clients of the highest standards.

Basic House keeping
B.S.P.S. delivers high standards of cleanliness & hygiene by following a very systematic approach to house keeping. By accurate assessment & planning we remove wastage & sub optimal usage of man power. We keep ourselves abreast with all technological advancements in the field of house keeping, hence assuring our clients of the best possible solutions.

Daily Cleaning Schedule
Hard Floors (Granite, Marble etc.)

  • Cleaning of hard floors with soft padded dust controlled mops
  • Cleaning of hard floors before office hours with wet mops and mild detergents
  • Disinfecting of hard floors before office hours.

Vertical Areas/Walls

  • Painted walls-Dusting with feather duster or soft cloth
  • Ceramic tiles - cleaning with mild detergent solutions.
  • Special attention is paid to cleaning of grouting areas of tiles.
  • Dusting and cleaning of skirting
  • Cleaning and dusting of partitions
  • Dusting of glasses and doors

Office Furniture

  • Dusting of all office furniture
  • Spot removing from table tops/laminated partitions
  • Cleaning of waste papers basket
  • Disinfectingof telephones
  • Dusting of PCs, Fax Machines and Photocopiers
  • Cleaning of glass panes from inside
  • Dusting and cleaning of all doormats


  • Scrubbing of WCs with toilets bowl cleaners
  • Disinfection of washrooms
  • Wet mopping of floors and tiled walls
  • Scrub cleaning of wash basins
  • Replenishing of toiletries
  • Dusting of Hand dryers

Weekly Spring Cleaning Schedule
Spring cleaning will he undertaken once a week which will include the following:

  • Mechanical scrubbing/Shampoo/Waxing of floor
  • Cleaning of window glasses from outside
  • Cleaning of electrical fixtures Cleaning of exhaust fans, louvers and grills
  • Cleaning of painted surfaces with soap on call as well as on permanent basis.
  • Polishing of brass and chrome fixtures
  • Scrubbingof A glazed alias in pantry & toilets
  • Suction cleaning of corners, ledges etc.
  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstered chairs.
  • High dusting (above eye level)

Maintenance & Repair
We provide technicians for plumbing, electrical repairs, carpentry, masonry Painting etc.

Valet Parking
We provide well trained courteous drivers with good physical bearing & uniform.

We provide a range of Temporary and Permanent manpower solutions tom our clients across various Sectors / industrial verticals. Hence, empowering our clients with the necessary flexibility through Co-employment (temping & pay rolling) & permanent staffing. We via an interconnected network of highly motivated staff are able to deliver the best solutions in the man power section. We take full responsibility for compliance, administration and HR activities related to all employees on our assignment.

Whereas, Director Incharge, BRIGHTWAY Security & Placement Services  incorporated  under   Indian  acts  1956  and  carrying on  business  and  having.  Its  registered  office  at      G. T. Road Narayangarh, chheharta  Amritsar and 1st Floor,  Opp  Khalsa College Public School  thereafter   called  as  (Party No. 1) has desired  to  provide professional services and man-power on contingency  basis  for  performing  unskilled  work on contract basis to the
establishment of M/s.____________________________________________________
_______________________________________________  therein called as (Party no.2)
Now, therefore, this agreement witness as follow:-

  • This agreement is between an employer and the principal employer.
  • That the first party will provide security arrangements as agreed upon mutually to second party at their premises.
  • That the operation of this agreement to begin with is for the period of one year. The agreement can be terminated or renewed the terms mutually settled between the parties. The agreement the expiry of the aforesaid period will continue on the same the terms and conditions or may be terminated earlier by the party of the SECOND PART for breach of any clause of this agreement or/and by giving one month's notice for compensation in lieu of one month's notice to the party of FIRST PART having failed to maintain satisfactory and proper security arrangement according to the requirement of the party of the SECOND PART form time to time including at the time of any emergency or disturbance for any reasons whatsoever.


  • That the party of the FIRST PART undertakes to engage and provide the requested number of trained personnel's and the responsibility for payment of their emoluments and dues, discipline and work. The charges to be paid by the party of the SECOND PART to the party of the FIRST PART for the purpose shall be as follows:-
  • Security Supervisors as per minimum wage laid down by Punjab Govt.
  • Security Guards as per minimum wage laid down by Punjab Govt.
  • Employer's share of E.P.F.& E.S.I.
  • Service Tax @
  • That the party of the First part undertakes to deposit E.P.F./ E.S.I. per month and render half yearly/ annual returns to the concerned authorities with a photocopy of the same to the party of the second Part.
  • The party of the First Part will submit monthly bills on second day of the month to the party of the Second part. The same may be paid by 5t" of the month so as to enable the party of the First part to disburse the wages, to employees before 7th of every month.
  • That the party of the First Part will provide security personnel round the clock to ensure smooth functioning, by changing personnel in rotation.
  • That the party of the First part undertakes that the personnel provided shall always be smartly dressed and providing the uniform shall be the responsibility of the party of the First Part with the financial support of party no. 2.
  • That the party of the First Part also undertakes to provide extra personnel to the party of the second part whenever need arise for the same purpose at the special rates.
  • That the party of the First part shall rotate the members of the security staff so that there is no collaboration with the office staff or any outside elements connected with the office staff and that change will be effective as and when considered necessary with the mutual consent of the Second Party at the same time if the party of the second part feels that a particular individual is not desirable to be posted at the premises of the Second Party, he will be replaced without any delay by the party of the First Part on the directions of the party of the second part.
  • That in case of occurrence of any theft or untoward incident in the premises of the party of the second part, it shall be the responsibility of the party of the Second Part to lodge on FIR. The party of the first part will also assist the party of the Second part during the investigation of the said incident.
  • That the party of the Second party shall not advance any amount to the personnel of the party of the First Part unless specifically authorized to do so by the party of the First part.
  • That the party of the Second Party will not take staff of the party of the First part directly or indirectly for one year from the date of termination of the contract.
  • That the party of the Second part shall be responsible for the formulation of the security policy of their establishment and the same shall be communicated to the party of the First Party. Any subsequent change in the policy shall be communicated to the party of the first part by the party of the Second Part.
  • The security guard so provided to the second party shall be responsible for the following:‑
  • To Ensure that no theft or pilferage takes place in the premises.
  • To Ensure that no unauthorized person gets entry into the premises.
  • To Ensure that no hawker or vendor is allowed inside the premises.
  • To check any and all disturbance or nuisance.
  • To submit reports, observations or incidents, etc. if any.
  • To lodge complaints about the untoward incidents, etc. if any to the party of Second Party.
  • To control, incoming and outgoing traffic and parking outside the premises.
  • Generally to overall supervise and keep vigilant watch on its premises/property for the safety of the second part and to avoid any unpleasant happenings in the premises.
  • The Security guard provided will not himself initiate or take any action against any person committing theft, robbery or dacoity, aparty from raising en alarm and taking initial steps of preventing the same, but will not involve himself to.
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